DSC03863Pedja was already sitting on the cleats of the pier when we arrived to pick up him. Standing on the bow, my heart was pounding like crazy. His sudden arrival in Dubrovnik has brought a new wave of happiness, bright ideas and pleasure. Pedja has great preferences for adventures, discovering new places and explore the unknown, which showed early in childhood. Business in London, which had suddenly come up, gave him the idea of ​​the arrival to the ship. He loves the sea and ships, the more so, he plans one day cruise on the own sailing boat. My husband and I eagerly we expected his arrival. At that moment, all our emotions are poured into a strong hug and a handshake.

DSC03860Heat and large temperature difference between London and Dubrovnik, have forced him to immediately unpacked and settled into the cabin. He did not hide his excitement when he saw us, and ship, and wasted no time soon, along with his father, found himself in a man’s world that only they can understand. It fumes from Cuban cigars that he brought with him, as in the Indian camp. Only that was missing were wigwam and feathers on the head. While I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, I enjoyed the sight, seeing them so dear, smiling and cheerful, with that “Die Hard” charm.

DSC03857We spent the evening in the Bay of Sunj, on the Island of Lopud, near Dubrovnik. Enjoying the sea folly, I was happy watching our son so relaxed, which is a rare opportunity. Pedja has a lot of work and I was not surprised by the obligations he has brought with him to the ship. Sitting in the cockpit, a long time we talked about everything and went to sleep.

DSC03867Since we were very short of time, the next day we decided to re-sail to the Island of Sipan, known as an oasis of Dubrovnik aristocrats. We were thrilled to learn that Sipan entered in the Guinness Book as the island with the most olive trees in relation to its size and population.

Ljetnikovac_Suđurađ SIPANThe island is also known for its ancient family villa Stjepanovic-Skocibuha. Pedja enjoyed this oasis of peace and beauty. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant and the evening we walked the coast.

DSC03951The next morning, we sailed to the ACI marina Dubrovnik where we had booked a berth for two days to visit all together, the old town before Pedja’s departure.

DSC03865While sailing Pedja wanted to see our level of readiness in case of serious situations and disasters at sea. In driving, he suddenly jumped into the sea in the middle of nothing and shouted, “Man overboard”. At first we were confused and did not know what’s the matter but we quickly came our self and approached the rescue procedures. I must admit it was very exciting and effective, especially because we noticed a large ship sailing in the direction of Pedja. The final part of the rescue, wrapping it in a blanket, Pedja was skipped due to high heat.

DSC03862Our son was very proud of us and the results that we had shown. He also introduced us to some other markings on a plotter that can be applied to facilitate the search of the crash at sea.

That afternoon, while Pedja handled his responsibilities, my husband and I, we used for the planning and preparation of the boat for

DSC03936our further journey. Marina is located in Dubrovnik River and covers a wider area of ​​the river Ombla. At the source of the river, which connects with the sea, beneath the large rocks, vineyards and olives, in the valley of peace settled Rožat. The church on the hill, which can be seen from the marina, attracted my attention, so I got up early in the morning and

DSC03964prepared to explore while my sweet fighters for men’s rights were in sleep.The road to the Church of the Assumption goes over the bridge on the main road, and then the hill, narrowly DSC03948passing along an old stone house. Next to the church there is an old DSC03954cemetery with a beautiful view of the Dubrovnik River and marina. On the way back along the river Ombla , it was interesting to see fisherman DSC03962who took a rake green algae from the water and placed them into kiddle for fishing. It was eight o’clock when I got back on the boat full of happiness. After breakfast we were ready for a new adventure in Dubrovnik.

On the main road in front of the marina, we caught the bus, which we drove toward Pile, to the city. Immediately after getting

DSC03869off the bus, caught us a view on the magnificent curtain walls that surround the marble streets and baroque buildings of the old town. All together, the churches, monasteries and museums with fine stonework reminiscent of the tumultuous history and artistic tradition impressed us.

DSC03879Placa, or promenade popularly called Stradun, the backbone of the city is a mix of cafes and shops with monuments of extraordinary beauty. My husband also enjoyed the refreshing, drinking cold water from one of DSC03877the fountains that are found on the Stradun. Look through walls with the tallest buildings is perfect, as it seems at the same time unreal. European poet Lord Byron was not mistaken when he declared that Dubrodnik is a Pearl of the Adriatic. We enjoyed all this with a top mood despite the heat that has accompanied us.

When we got to the old port, from which every fifteen minutes touristic boats drive to Lokrum, ignoring the dark clouds hovering over the city, carrying rain and thunder, we DSC03915decided to visit that nature park. According to the legend, on Lokrum salvation from shipwrecks found Richard I the Lionheart, returning from the crusade in Palestine. richard I Lavljeg SsrcaTestament by which he will, if the save, build a church on the site of salvation, was partly fulfilled. He saved on Lokrum, but at the request of Dubrovnik they agreed that a church will be built in the town itself, instead of on the island.

DSC03897We bought tickets for the ship that he was ready to go. The crew was greeted passengers with a smile. The ship was sailing to the island of less than fifteen minutes. It seemed insufficient to absorb the beauty that have is promoted before eyes. It DSC03900seemed insufficient to absorb the beauty that is promoted before our eyes. At Lokrum we swam, walked and ate lunch in a cozy restaurant. Beautiful peacocks could be seen all over the island.  Not missing any traffic signs prohibiting such as this in the picture. If you smoke a cigarette, it is obvious that you are welcome in the nature park Lokrum.  DSC03919Suddenly, the rain just fell on the island. It soon created a large column of visitors who waited for boarding for Dubrovnik. On the way back we wanted to drink coffee and eat cake. DSC03933Pedja loves cream cakes, which, unfortunately, we have not managed to find in any of the restaurants and cafes. In order to make him happy, I resolutely walked to a nearby supermarket and bought all I needed.

krempitaThat same evening in the front of Pedja I served a tray full of cream cake. He was happy as a child. Clean I was enjoying watching him.

Although we did not want, it’s time tirelessly passed. It was Wednesday, the day of Pedja’s departure. It was really short and sweeter than cream cakes. Every moment spent with our children is our great satisfaction of the happiness in life. It was hard to watch his departure but remained hope and joy of our meeting on the Caribbean Islands. After saying goodbye to Pedja, that afternoon we set sail from Dubrovnik to Cavtat, the last port in Croatia in order to complete customs procedure and headed towards Montenegro.