Meermowe’s Great Adventure is a story of dreams in the sails and the realisation of the great life’s dream, to sail around the world on our sailboat with two wheels. Peter and I love to travel. The journey for us is a life, pages of written novels and one who does not travel is able to read only one of them.

mediteran, atlantic i pacificOur exciting circulation of the seas and distant countries, such as Gulliver’s Travels, is divided into three parts, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Pacific. All three parts will be imbued with events, curiosities and all the natural beauty through which we pass along to all of you who want to sail with us through our blog. Therefore, the unimaginable are adventures and mishaps that we will experience fighting the storms, winds and calms.

SAILING ADRIATICMeermowe’s Great Adventure is one irreplaceable experience in sailing high seas by the wind under full sail aboard our own. From Marina Veruda, Pula, Croatia, from where we will depart, to Mackay, Queensland, Austalia, we will have the opportunity to merge with its picturesque towns and coastal landscape of the 25 countries in which we sail. Many of them are full of life and layers of the ancient time, described and singed in the countless books of native authors therefore represent masterpieces of world destinations.

arc marina las palmas

During navigation on we take an ARC, The World Cruising Club, which attracts over 200 boats and 1200 people every year it across the Atlantic and the Pacific from Gran Canary to Mackay.

GALAPAGOS SLIKAThe trip will last for fifteen months at which time we will take a step toward debt 13 700 nautical miles. The longest distance from Galapagos to the Marquesas, is 3000 nautical miles, which is approximately a month of traveling without land, which certainly depends on the weather conditions that will accompany us in this part of the South Pacifica.

Meermowe, ship solid and stable character, shaped and formed with all the properties and dimensions, never speaks but has a soul. Peter and I know a lot about him and because we believe in him. He is the one that will connect us with the whole world and all of our posts to connect with you. He is not only representative of New Zealand, whose flag will be proud to flaunt his stern, but the knowledge and according to our own world.

Our time machine relentlessly counting down the days, hours and minutes and we still have so much time to all those who follow us welcome you and pleasant sailing through Meermowe’s Great Adventure.

Join us, your adventure starts with us!!!

IMG_1877Jasmine & Peter

14 thoughts on “Journey”

  1. Hi Jasmine and Peter,
    It’s Andrea from Syracuse, how are you?
    We (Roberta and me) Hope you are enjoing your way, and to hear your news early .
    Good sailing


    • Hi Andrea & Roberta.

      It is lovely to hear from you. I was not able to answer your message earlier because of problems with the computer and the Internet. Hope both of you are good. We passed Messina, visited Stromboli as well as stayed on Lipari Island for two days. We had amaising time in Cagliari. We also were in Palma de Mallorca and Alicante which are stunning places. Now we are in Cartagena, heading toward Gibraltar. We will spend three to four days here because of the bad weather. Peter and myself gladly remember you. Please keep in touch.
      Hope you’ll get this message.

      Thanks for following us, you are great support.

      Warm regards

      Jasmine & Peter


      • Hi dear,
        we are happy to hear your adventures. Big smiles to you. See you soon,
        Good luck
        Andrea, Roberta and Vincenzo (Nautica Store)


      • Dear Andrea & Roberta, so happy to hear from you. We are in Mindelo, Sao Vincente Island in Cabo Verde and enjoyed four days here. Leaving tomorrow to Saint Lucia, Caribbean, once again we’ll cross start-line at 1pm. I have big problem with Internet connection so not able to publish posts quickly. It’ll be done from St Lucia for sure. The length of trip is 2080 miles and we expect to complete for 15-17 days. The weather is cloudy and windy, seems ok for the sailing.
        Lots of warm regards to you, Roberta and Vincent. Extra kiss to Roberta

        Jasmine and Peter


  2. Doriano Luk said:

    Boh lipi moji,Dušan je doša kod nas malo mi pokazat kako se vade drva iz šume pa sam mu večeras pokazao vaš blog i di se momentalno nalazite-oduševljen je kako se to sve vidi i di ste momentalno .Puno vas pozdravljamo iz Vele Trabe.Doriano,Dušanka,Dušan i Ivona


    • Cao svima, dobro jutro Vela Traba, evo smo u kaficu pa koristim priliku da vam se javim preko bloga.
      Drago nam je da ste dobro a narocito Ivonica. Sura planiramo isploviti i napustiti Gibraltar, nadamo se dobrom vjetru. Putovanje ce trajati 7-10 dana zavisno o vremenu. Ovo ce biti nase najduze putovanje od napustanja Pule. Otkad smo napustili Hrvatsku nasa svaka destinacija je sve dalja i dalja.
      Jos uvik imamo problema sa internetom i viberom. Puno vas volimo i saljemo veliki poljubac.
      Pozdravite Duleta i Strinu kad se cujete.

      U mislima na vas toplo vas pozdravljamo

      Stric i Strina


  3. Hi Guy
    Roberta anD me, we are very very happy to hear your news.
    Good Wind, sun, happiness and friends and see you soon .


    • Thanks Andrea, we tend to leave Gibraltar tomorrow morning, hope we’ll have a good wind. The trip will take 7-10 days depending about weather. We still have a problem with internet so I am not able to published post.
      We are at cafe this moment and taking opportunity to say hallo to you and Roberta. Keep in touch, you both are in our mind.

      Thanks again and warm regards

      Jasmine and Peter


  4. We are proud of you! Almost in Las Palmas! !
    BRAVO👍👍 you are a speed boat almost non stop on your way! Hope you can solve your problems!!….. Relax, a Moment when you arrive. We follow you and in our mind we will be with you. We miss you, wishing you all the best💞😘😘 big hugs silvie & bruno


    • Dear Silvia & Bruno,

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment. We successfully sorted off our problems except internet, which is very slow. You are constantly with us and really missing you a lot. We are in Rubicon marina on Lanzarote. It is nice one, three days for 90E including lots of facilities to enjoy. We sailed in tonight from Caleta del Sabo, very small and busy place, so we anchored there over night. On Monday we are leaving toward Las Palmas, we already confirmed our arrival. We are so excited about that. We are happy with our progress, Meermowe is fantastic boat, very often we sail between 7 and 8 kn, filling like we are flying. Mail is coming soon.

      Regards and lot of love from

      Jasmine & Peter


  5. Bok,još jedan pozdrav moreplovcima od Mladena i Pere kojeg očekujem da ga dopelaju sanitetskim prijevozom.Bit će još oho-ho pozdrava,ovo nije posljednji.


  6. in our thoughts we are always with you. Its fantastic to see you with this energy! Going on and fulfill your go. Congratulations!!!! you are great!


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