vela lukaConquering still the vastness of the blue Adriatic Sea, we sailed to Vela Luka on the island of Korcula. Passing by beautiful bays in which we were able to anchor, Peter decided to tie the boat to the buoy directly near the waterfront and near the main pier for passenger ships coming from the direction of Split and Dubrovnik. DSC03725Many years ago, by living island life, I often traveled between Split and Lastovo, and while large ferry was docking on the main dock, I enjoyed the view from the deck on the largest city on the island with a mild climate and clear sea.

The next period brought us a new excitement about meeting our new guests, friends from Italy, who were supposed to board a ship in Vela Luka. For this reason, we came three days early to do shopping and prepare the ship. Soon we were drove the dinghy to the shore.

DSC03734First we met with the city, seeing where they are located, and then we stopped at a supermarket where we bought everything we need. On the way back we saw the advertisement about musical evening on the waterfront, it was the Festival of Dalmatian songs, which did not surprise us because, Korcula is known for original songs, local wine and sardines. It was five o’clock in the afternoon when we returned to the ship.

DSC03728Sitting in the stern and watching environment in which we were, I noticed that except us and one other boat, In our surrounding, no one else there wasn’t there, which is, for this time of year, was very strange. A large number of buoys, which has been floated all around us, were eerily empty. I was not feeling most comfortable, so I suggested my husband set sail from this place and anchor in one of the bays we’ve seen at the entrance to Vela Luka.

dalmarinska klapa vela lukaBelieving in the correctness of Peter’s decision, we stayed there overnight. The festival began at nine o’clock. At a hundred meters away from us, we enjoyed on the aft deck, listening mandolins and guitar in the hot summer night. It was nearly eleven o’clock when we went to sleep not knowing that we will be, after midnight, the main characters of crime story as in the novel of Aghata Christie.

The night was quite noisy, which is why I used to wake up. Music has drowned out any sound and it was impossible to hear anything else except the beautiful melodies. The festival was finished in the early hours.   I got up as usual before my husband, intending to write a blog. I noticed that there is no computer that was left, last night, on the table on the charger. Immediately it was clear that we had “guests” on board. I woke Peter, after which we found that, in addition to computers, missing iPod, camera, Peter’s IPhone and Shimano fishing rod with a big machine, we have prepared for catching tuna in the oceans. While we are on the iPod had all the electronic maps, very important for our trip, my husband was heartbroken when he saw there is no fishing rod. Luckily we had my mobile that stayed behind, which we used for further communication.

100883eTheft is quickly reported to the police. The burglars destroyed the card from iPhone and thus inactivate him, but they had not counted on the factor of surprise, our “Inspector Poiroa”. Our son Pedja, that moment, was on a business trip in London. When he heard for the robbery, over the Internet he found the position of the iPod, since the card was still active, and contacted the police.

IMG_8737With the help of folders, which they had received through the messenger, they are successfully, in record time, found and arrested the criminals and return all that we have been robbed in excellent condition.

The thieves have admitted all for what they are charging what falls into the category of aggravated theft because we slept on the ship, where it could come into a physical fight with an unknown outcome. Later we found out that also with our stuff it was found a scooter stolen the same night at one o’clock after midnight from the neighboring ship. A police inspector, Zanetic Alen from Korcula, endlessly thanked our son to help. Everything was going the film speed and this would probably be the shortest crime story in the world with a happy ending.

otok lastovoA police report had to be signed within a few days in the city of Korcula, which is located on the other side of the island of Korcula, where there is the main criminal administration. We didn’t want to stay longer in Vela Luka, so we, with the approval of the police, decided the same day in the early evening sail to the Island of Lastovo.

Jurjeva3We were accompanied by strong winds, so we enjoyed the sailing. Darkness already came down, when we arrived into the Jurjev’s Port, which is also part of the National Park Lastovo. It was eight o’clock in the evening and the port was already full of boats, we had no place to anchor and we sailed into the next bay where we stayed overnight. The next morning we got up, had breakfast, enjoyed swimming and walking around the bay. After lunch we drove the dinghy to the small town of Ubli.

ubli lastovoMy husband and I know Lastovo very well because we spent a wonderful period of our life right here, so this was our first visit Ubli after 35 years. Through only two streets, located in the village and a small square, we walked with great curiosity. We were really excited about seeing the house where we lived, popularly called “Villa Tomich”. In three of the four apartments, how many that building had, were lived three families Tomich, from different parts of the former. Yugoslavia. The island is still beautiful but everything other has changed and nothing was as before. Cake Shop in which our children enjoyed cakes, no longer exists, Hotel “Sirena” is definitely destroyed, until the settlement on the nearby hill very neglected and the only thing that still worth is the magnificent view of the Jurjeva’s Port.

On Lastovo we met with our old and dear friend Dragan called “Smoki”, who was spending his vacation in Lucica place with his wife Emica. Watching each other in wonder as if we are not who we are, handling and excitement, after all these years, made this meeting memorable for life. We exchanged a few words in a hurry and we agreed to visit us the next day on a boat where we will talk in peace in full. It was Saturday, planned departure to Korcula on Sunday we switched to early Monday morning.

IMG_0315We could not wait for their arrival. Dragan has no preference toward marine vessels and our adventure, as well as the ship is provoked in him a great interest. While Dragan and Peter, with coffee and cream cakes, overturned by the past, I enjoyed in Emica’s company. Given that Emica is a same age as I, born on the Island of Lastovo, and that she lived for many years in Australia, we found a many of common points and topics for conversation.  Enjoying their company, the time simply flew. It was five hours afternoon, when we said goodbye to our friends, with the desire to meet again.

Adventure, like this one we have and way of life, which we temporarily live, do not recognize the attachment with people, space and time. Sorrow and regret for something there is no place. Faith in yourself, firmness, patience and positive attitude is our strongest weapon, no matter how it is hard for us. Smile and hope, that will everything what was nice and pleasant, be happen again in other circumstances, is all that should remain behind us.

DSC03775We sailed into the city of Korcula and tied it to the pier, in front of the police building. I stayed to wait on board while Peter went to sign a crime statement. At three o’clock in the afternoon, at the bus station we planned to welcome our friends from Italy.

DSC03737Two more hours we had to wait to their arrival, so we decided to take a peek into the past of this sun-bathed town. In the old town we enter through the south entrance, the Town Tower Revelin, built in 1391. Her beauty charmed us. Stone streets, popularly known as “kale”, very similar to the streets of the old Split, decorated the facade of elegant

DSC03741mansions and every stone were simply spoken about the past times.

The city of Korcula is known for its traditional dance “Moreska”, a knight’s game with swords, which represents a historic battle between good and evil.

moreskaThe annual dance performance is on the day of Saint Todor, protector. It was almost time of arrival of our friends, we quickly had coffee in a restaurant enjoying a little bit more in the view of the sea and we went to the bus stop. We were happy with their arrival, more than that, we are expected and imminent arrival of our son in Dubrovnik.

DSC03777It was Tuesday, the bus came right on time. Luca and Roberto, are childhood friends. Although Roberto lives in South Africa and Luca in Dubai, their arrival brought us the famous Italian charm. They were thrilled with Split, where they boarded the ship to Vela Luka, as well as travel by bus from Vela Luka toward Korcula. The appearance of villages and configuration of the terrain of the island reminded to Italy and they felt like at home. Our friends had never stayed on the boat, so did not hide their excitement about the vessel.

DSC03782The heat was unbearable, even thermometers were given up of measuring the temperature of the air. The only solution for refreshment, upon boarding, we found by swimming and jumping into the sea, after which they Luca and Roberto settled into their cabins. Private commitments have not allowed them stay on board longer than 4 days. Destinations that we planned to visit were therefore directed towards Dubrovnik due to their departure, and because of the arrival of our son. We did not have much time available.

DSC03783The evening we spent in a pleasant chat, laughing and enjoying the salami of deli specialties. Around nine o’clock the next morning, we left Korcula in the direction of the Islands of Mljet, Sipan and Lopud.

The whole time we sailed using the engine because the weather was quiet, with no wind and the sea was calm, what has created new DSC03792ideas for enjoyment. While Luca was interested in sails and sailing techniques, Roberto has mastered the technique of anchoring and rope folding. Several times at anchoring in bays, he was let down the anchor and lifted anchor chain. He enjoyed in that and it was cute to watch the way in which it worked.

DSC03791Also they both took part in the daily work of cleaning the ship. Lightly dragging a floating dingy, they have been scrubbing the boat from the outside of the hull. Better to say Roberto was cleaning while Luca and Peter were watched and teased him. It was wonderful to have them on board.

DSC03850Roberto has not married yet, has a very good heart and the unforgettable and striking smile on his face and it was not surprised me when Luca said, “Everyone loves Robert”, especially women, as in the series “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

We enjoyed the beauty, tranquility and picturesque

DSC03841look of the all bays where we spent nights as well as in walks along the coast. I believe that they will Lopud and fishing remain long in the memory. We caught eight fish where they enjoyed lunch licking his fingers. Luca and Roberto will long remember this trip and Meermowe, as well as the cuisine and wine, which they enjoyed on board.

DSC03844Saturday morning, the day of their departure, we sailed into the port of Gruz in Dubrovnik to dropped them on the pier to catch a bus shuttle to the airport. We said goodbye, once again we looked in the back of dear people and said see you soon. We waved to each other while Meermowe has not vanished behind big boats.