TELASCICA MAPA POST 3Our great journey continues where we left off in the last post. Behind us remained Susak bathed in sunshine. Meermowe was already gliding with the wind in the sails the high seas carrying us to the Long Island. Waiting for us a tour of the beautiful Bay Telascica and Salt Lake, which as part of the National Park Kornati, ignite the imagination.

During the trip we stopped at the Island of Molat. In Brgulj Bay we sailed with the intention to spend the night, buy the groceries and fill the tank with water to continue our journey. We could visit the days of this part of the Adriatic Sea but we had to think of the time, which is, in this time of year, very unstable and transient, than of complete calm to stormy winds which speed reaches up to 5o knots.

Leaving Brgulj next morning under the wind gusts could be seen that our day in many ways be different from the past period and it will be full of activities on board. Before Passages Maknare we’ve spread the sails and prepared for sailing.

DSC02952Wind and sea were form increasing compared to the previous day. The waves breaking against the bow of the ship, whistling winds and strong strikes of the bow area has pointed to the reality that we thought from the very beginning of the trip.


Water lapped at us from all sides. Strength of the wind was 30 knots and the sea was 3-4. Under the pressure of the wind, Meermowe was lying completely on one side on the sea and under full sail strongly rode the waves. The right of enjoyment.

DSC02881Happy and proud we sailed along these karst phenomena, high cliffs that fall vertically into the deep sea, these beautiful cliffs on the west coast of Long Island.

There are several legends about the origin of Long Island and the unique beauty of the islands, Kornati. One of them says that God wished to crown is work, out of tears, stars and breath created the Kornati, while the second wpeaks of God who threw a handful of white rocks which remained to him, and when he looked back, he decided that nothing should be repair.

taljuricIn the Bay of Telascica we sailed between the two islands, Taljuric, which is actually a small stone tablet, diameter 60 m, height of only 3 m, whose upper layers blew waves where there is no vegetation, and Vela Sestrica, uninhabited island, which has the only lighthouse Tajer significant at 28 m high octagonal metal tower.


It’s an amazing and impressive sailing in the Bay of Telascica. Recessed is approximately 8 km into the mainland. The bay is very indented and contains a lot of bays, headlands and islands. Thanks to its position it is one of the largest and the best – protected natural harbor on the east coast.

TELASCICA POST 1It was five o’clock in the afternoon when we were tied to a buoy. We set about tidying up the boat, which is a priority for us at the entrance of each port, no matter how tired, hungry or wet we are. After a delicious dinner, we enjoyed a night swim and then, with a cup of hot tea, planned our activities for the next day.

DSC02875Telascica lagoon is not populated, there is only a camp and a restaurant open until late at night.

Along the coast are decorated piers to dock tourist boats that come mainly from Zadar full of foreigners.

The first attraction in Telascica Bay which we visited, it was Salt Lake. Leaving our boat along the shore, we headed along a path that took us over the hill to the lake.

DSC02804There can still see old stone houses and items that indicate the former farming community life of the island.

DSC02811Around the lake, through the forest, stretches for walking trail 2 km long. This well known smell of a pine tree reminding of Dalmatia, spread all around us.

DSC02806Sitting by the lake, about halfway, we enjoyed, in sandwiches, which I prepared for lunch, surrounded by the beautiful forest.

DSC02840We continued led to a fascinating place were we experienced the beauty of bare karst. We could not believe my eyes at the sight of all the stone sculpture. One story says that the cluster of rocks, which is stacked on each other, was made by travellers in order to mark the way. Another story speaks of a mystical meaning of the cluster of rocks as being the “guardian of the souls” of dead people.


Not knowing their origin my husband and I have raised our sculpture on behalf of our happiness and love that will keep us on our journey. By the sea there is a stone slab in which there is a hole with warm water, to which tourists come to bathe.

On the way back we stopped at a restaurant and while we enjoyed the beer and ice cream, we observed a large number of tourist ships that sailed in and out of the Bay Telascica.

DSC02936Safe haven of Dalmatian donkeys, strays, represents another interesting fact on Long Island. The donkey is known for his stubbornness and hard work but there is something not many known that the movements of the ears of donkey express its mood.

When its ears fall beside its head, it means it is relaxed, but when they are clinging to its head and thrown backwards, then it is most certainly unhappy and be careful how you approach it.

My husband has repeatedly stayed in the bay, and despite the fact that it was not unknown, he enjoyed the wonderful ambience, like the first time he was here. In the Bay we stayed three days.

DSC02860Maximum we were dedicated to walking in the hills and survey the island, its tradition and modern life, and after returning to the boat,

DSC02921swimming and fishing. From the knowledge of the people, the legend of strange inhabitants with five horns and mysterious tales of buried treasure hidden in cove also characterize the landscape.

DSC02918When you live on a boat, all is in front of you, your happiness, just stop the time, the creation stops shift night and seems to be always comes the same day, you are able to pry into each hole, to touch every stone, rock and you’re closer every seagull that, in your immediate vicinity, so gently land on the surface of the sea.