DSC02741Tireless dance giants raised a cloud of dust and sand from which formed the island, a flock of swallows on the island were brought wines – it is the foundation of “The Legend of the Island of Susak”, the new picture book of Elvis Vickic and Loreta Vickic Rusijan.

As you read this post, I will try to give you closer to the spirit of this mystical island. If you leave yourself to your imagination, you will feel the heat under the bare feet of soft sand of Susak and if you listen carefully you will hear the sound of the reed trembling in the wind and smell the sea the wind from the open sea.

DSC02705Susak is a unique island in the Adriatic Sea to its origin and its appearance. The thick layers of fine yellowish sand onto the limestone plate inflicted ancient winds, and since time immemorial people around their farms planting reeds whose roots in search of water to penetrate deep into the soil and preserve it from erosion.

The island is also specific for its traditional folk costumes, which is dirrerent from the traditional costumes of other parts of the Croatia. Solemn variant women’s dress is bright colors whose skirt above the knee and is considered one of the first mini-skirt in the world.narodna susacka nosnja The daily variation is dark blue or black worn today.

I’ve never been on the Island of Susak, and because of its special features, I had a great desire to sail in the Bay of Susak. Peter stayed on the island forty years ago as a student and remembers the image of that time. Carried away with tis stories created my imaage and to me, unknown destinations.

From Island of Losinj to Island of Susak distance is 5.5 nautical miles. The night before leaving, we studied the nautical chart of the North Adriatic, complete forecasts and weather reports, make a plan of our activities and become familiar with the cultural traditions of the island. We sail in the morning at eight o’clock. The weather was still beautiful, peaceful and without major changes. Wind there was no cure. We were not in a hurry so we left Meermowe and his rival floating on the blue surface and the enjoyment that you extend the life. In addition to swimming and sunbathing on the deck, we enjoyed watermelon and cold drinks. I sent several messages and mails to the family and friends who are eagerly waiting for our answer.

DSC03091Pipo and Dino also find themselves and their satisfaction. Dino with laughter rolled and sprawled on his back while Pipo was tickling his neck.

For lunch was served pizza that I have my husband promised to do. We roasted the first time on the frill, as we have no oven on board, giving it a special taste. After lunch and coffee once we got into a situation that we needed to keep the engine.

Under normal conditions from Losinj to Susak can be reached in an hour. We sailed into the Bay of Susak in the early evening. Because of the shallow water, we could not dock on the pier in the small port so Alen, harbourmaster, helped us to establish closer ties on the buoy.

DSC02689More from the ship, during entering we noticed the small Church on the Hill Arat and Lighthouse Garba. It was three in the afternoon when we were transferred by boat to the nearby beach. Under artificial canopy erected, which relied on four branches, we met with a married couple from Austria, who own a house in the Upper Village.

Every year, for holidays, Klaus and Claudia come here spending all day on the beach, enjoying the sun and swimming.


We quickly became friends, leaving our boat with them, we started to explore the island, Cape Dart. At the top there is a chapel of Our Lady of the Annunciation by the inhabitants of the island built the thirties of the 20th century, because they could not often due to bad weather, to carry out their vows to the Virgin Mary.

DSC02681Sandy road to the church is nice and light, and from the top of the hill is best seen Annunziata on Island of Losinj. We came back the same way that in the secong part leads to the Cemetery, Upper Village and the Lighthouse.

Cemetery chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, on the Merinama, was built in the early 20th century.

susak cementaryGiven that there is no common trees and with a direct view of the newly renovated vineyards and the open sea, cementery act unusually bright and clear.

Vineyards largely cover Susak. Once there existed only one village called Sansego. Subsequent construction in the port creates another settlement called Lower Village.

DSC02724In order to facilitate communication between the two villages were built stairs. In the center of the village is locataed building Immigrants’ Club as the main gathering place and social life of the villagers.

The streets of the Upper Village, in contrast to the Lower Village, are mostly paved or covered with concrete, very short and fast break to the left and right directions.


We were enchanted by the beauty and interestingness of the city.

We did not know where we’re going, we feel like we were in a maze with no exit. We left the river the streets and finally came out of the city and were on our way to the Lighthouse.


Garba was built on the highest point of the Island of Susak, the top Garba (98m), which is an important place of observation, and is one of the largest and most important Lighthouse in this area. For starters served as a lookout, for which tickets were bought in the harbormaster’s office in Mali Losinj.

DSC02742Sometimes, for the lighthouse lived three families with children, husbands were lighthouse keepers and deposed in the job every eight hours. Today there lives in the house only Ante, the remaining lighthouse keeper and his wife. Eye of lights spreads a delightful flower garden. We spent about an hour in conversation with Ante, who has finally led us to the top of the Lighthouse with a beautiful view of the island.


Full of impressions, tired but happy and richer for the many insights, we left Garba and return to the short trail leading to the town. We stopped for a beer in a local restaurant in order to ease the soul and put an end to such a wonderful day we had.

We returned to the boat, dinner and went to bed.

DSC02699My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by this destination, what we expected to see was far from what Susak really is, and we will certainly try to come back.

Unfortunately, Susak is, because of poor connection, far beyond radar range of travel agencies and many are not aware of its existence.

The next day we spent on the boat swimming and enjoying in planning our next destination.

DSC02703Alen and his wonderful wife, Maja, came to greet us and tell us they wish luck on our onward journey.