DSC02578At the dawn of the beautiful, sunny morning, 09 June 2015, we set off from the pier Marina Veruda in Pula and like Columbus, began the journey of our world. As the ropes, which were tied to the pier, dismissing the cleats, silence we watched. Our eyes were saying all the words were not necessary. We knew that the first time embarking on a journey into the unknown with no return.

At that moment, I quickly started to think if I bought everything we need, probably in order to find a good reason to go back, at least briefly. It seemed that one of us shout: “Stop, hold the rope and do not let the ship go”, but Meermowe would not stop. Cutting through the blue sea called us to duty and soon we returned the smile and happiness on our faces. We feel that we’re returning power, willingness and confidence. We threw another one, last look at the Pula, which is becoming further and further until it was lost on the horizon.


A special place on the board have our small and cute friends, Pipo and Dino, the mascots, which will sail with us through Meermowe’s Great Adventure as well as representatives of the stunning New Zealand and sunny Dalmatia. With them will be all the more beautiful and happier.

Our first destination in which we sailed was Artatori Bay on the Island of Losinj. On the way we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny and warm weather with no wind, clear calm. The sea was peacefully and smoothly as oil. It was futile to hope for any sailing because the sail was hanging on the jib as a dishtowel.


Without wasting time, we decided to enjoy a swim. We were happy and very willing limitless playing in the water. After swimming we enjoyed our first lunch and coffee.

The journey we had continued with the help of the engine whose work has ripped our ears and the divine silence. In the bay we arrived in the early evening.

DSC02615After dinner and very tasty pancakes with cheese and chocolate, we were fishing late into the night. The fish are biting on all sides in a very fast pace we managed to catch nine fish, which was enough for our meal. DSC02654One of them, Peter is used as live bait on the hook and in the morning we had with great surprise out of eel 1.2 kg of which I cooked stew with polenta. This is what is called life.


My husband and I first visited Mali Losinj two years ago, when we bought the ship and sailed from Split to Pula. Because of its beauty, we wanted to come back and sail into the Bay of Artaturi.

DSC02626Mali Losinj is the largest island town. It is located on the south side of the island, in the Bay Augusta and is one of the main tourist centers on the Adriatic. Its history dates back to the 12th century. Residents were living from agriculture and animal husbandry and later developed fishing, marine and tourism.

Discovering the health benefits of the climate is the golden age of the Island of Losinj, which it opened a new page of its history.

DSC02637Artatori Bay is located in the eponymous town Artatore. It consists of a number of rocky, sandy beaches in the shade of pine trees and along the beach promenade-passing lane. Bay is five kilometers far from the center of the town.

If you sail these waters, Island of Losinj cannot be avoided. Like a magnet, its beauty and color of the sea called to the coast. The larger and smaller islands, as the bags spill, arouse curiosity. Union, Susak, Vele and Male Srakane, Ilovik, each of them has its own story. All those who come here find their peace, beauty and harmony.

There is a story on the ancient legend about the origins of the Cres-Losinj archipelago, which was called by the common name Apsyrtides, greek hero Apsyrt.

King Eeta from Kohilda, possessed the Golden Fleece. Brave guy Jason ruse, with the help of the king’s daughter Medea, who was in love with him, got hold of the Golden Fleece and the ship Argo with his friends the Argonauts went into hiding. Aspirit, the king’s son, went on his boat in pursuit of the kidnappers. After a long journey, posse caught up with the kidnappers. Medea lured brother Apsyrtus on the negotiations, and Jason him is secretly killed. Medea cut up his body and his limbs threw into the sea. From Apsyrt dismembered bodies were created Apsirt Islands – Apsyrtides.


Although this is just an amazing story, all the beauty of the Island of Losinj, on which letters might sound incredible, but it’s the reality.

DSC02546In the Bay Artaturi we stayed two days related to the anchor. We enjoyed swimming and hiking and refreshment we asked for ice cream, since it was a hell of heat. Our sailing the Adriatic Sea is carried out on our own, freely chosen destinations what we want to visit and no time limit entering and leaving. Therefore, the next morning we were on the course to the Island of Susak.