DSC00213Preparations for our journey around the world began two years ago, when we bought sailboat “Meermowe” in Split. Therefore, the period from 2013 until the end of 2016 years, when should our journey around the world finished, it will be for us in the most beautiful living memory.

Be ready for a cruise across the Atlantic and the Pacific is not the same as preparing to make a cake for an afternoon. It is a process that takes months and even years. Staying and living on board is the experience not to be forgotten. This journey for Peter and me is a synonym of life and we just wish surrender to them. We are sure that the invested effort, time and money at the end of three times back through everything that we experience and learn. Life is not magic and does not need Harry Potter’s magic wand to overcome all the problems that we are on the way to enjoy these rare moments of life.

IMG_0308Our previous period was full of activities. We studied the sea charts, administrative provisions of countries and ports where we sail and we searched the Internet for the purchase of the complete electronic equipment for communication and security to the ship and the entire crew, which is for us in the first place. Unlike travel planning, everything that can happen we cannot determine but because we can create feelings comfort on board and preparedness to deal with everything that befalls us on the way.

When we were students, we noticed the difference between school knowledge and real life in which we have learned and applied. So it is with dreams too. For years my husband and I dreamed to reach our great dream of a lifetime and when we got to step away from reality we realised that this period of life will not and cannot be the same. The only good psychological preparation will restore security and faith in ourselves in this new life conditions with which we will soon meet. So far we have always had a safe harbour but from now on all environmental and natural storms we’re going to have to go without bending down respecting the sea and nature because they are stronger than we.

Life at sea, on the other dockside, is full of adventure to which also we are ready. Some of them will be good and some not but they always end up leaving you with a good story. The organisation of our entire trip is such as to avoid season weather conditions such as hurricanes and monsoon areas and uses a period of stable winds.

Peter and I still possess a great love, the strength and the will for this trip. In it we put a large part of our self and anything else we cannot miss. We feel psychologically strong and ready for this adventure in which sharks represent home pets, when we sail for weeks unseen land and long nights thinking about what we did not have time or did not want to think.

Our crew will be increased and decreased at different sections of the cruise and the participants will be those who want to be part of this adventure, the members of our family and friends. Only two and a half months separates us from traveling to Croatia, which is why our good luck and excitement never ends.

381Navigate the world and discovering new areas are the most powerful determinants of our life that simmers in us from an early age. To dream trip did not become important thing in our lives we would not never had a chance to realise it and turning it into a way of life because they will always find at least one good reason to give up.