Each of us in life has a great desire. To some it seems inaccessible so immediately discarded it while the others are trying to achieve but because of problems in life they give up and it becomes oblivion. Peter is one of those people that his every wish realizes sooner or later.

When starting from scratch, as we started, it is not easy to achieve a lifelong dream. My husband was the first time experienced the sea when he arrived in Split and then he could not imagine life without the beaches and waves. That was the time when we were in love to the ears, when we were self-sufficient and when they, along with sandwiches and beer, like the tide began to create the first ideas about the ship and sailing without realizing how much we have and give our best to achieve this.

As the years passed love of the sea are transferred to our older son who also sees himself in the future on the big boat going around the world with the wind under full sail while younger son praises sea but rather remains on the coast.

The political situation of that time brought many changes in the country and with that has greatly changed the conditions of our lives. Life has become difficult and cash assets more than limited. The only thing that is still left to live in us was our life dream to sail around the world on our boat with two wheels.

By moving to New Zealand we have changed our whole former life. We had to forget everything and start anew. We worked very hard on a daily basis, weekends and holidays in a variety of jobs and nothing we were not difficult, a new life again brought hope and prosperity. The idea of the boat we were besieged all the more so we decided to buy our first 6-meter-long sailboat “Tequila” in which we have invested all our savings. Unforgettable are the moments of our happiness when we went sailing and fishing around the nearby islands of New Zealand.

Two years later we sold “Tequila” and we bought a sailboat “Ellie”, 9.5 meters long we just redecorated and with which we cruised the islands for a longer distance for a few weeks. Business we had not allowed us enough time to enjoy sailing. “Ellie” is less used, which was the reason to buy a small motorboat 5.5 meters long, with which we have enjoyed in frequent fishing. This period of life was very difficult but we brought a lot of happy moments and events.

admiralty_chart_catalogPlan a trip around the world has become part of us from morning till tomorrow so after selling a motorboat we decided to wait for a favorable opportunity to purchase sailboat of our dreams. Life in New Zealand, with time, it became increasingly difficult due to the financial crisis that followed and had a major impact both on our business and on our proper budget. Not long after we moved to Australia.

In Brisbane, my husband and I had a short time hired. We have worked hard abjured of anything and everything to manage, after 20 years of waiting, turn our dreams into reality. With such a long period of time, knowing the cost of this type of ships, several times we thought to give up money and invest in something else, maybe a smarter investment. Finally, it became clear that we went away and stepped deep and that somewhere within us there is something that we could not do it.

291In the summer of 2013, during a vacation, we bought so much desired ship of our dreams in Split, Commodo 51, a sailboat 15 meters long with two wheels. The ship is currently located in Pula in a dry dock and patiently waits for the beginning of a life’s big adventure from Pula, Croatia, across the Mediterranean, high seas of the North Atlantic and the South Pacific to the Port of Mackay in Australia. After assessing the Plan, ship should leave the port on June 15, 2015.

“Meermowe”, the name of our sailboat, which means “Seagull”, has become part of our lives and we are happy about it but it is obvious that the realisation of our dream life, after 20 years of waiting and all the trouble we went through, comes from a love of the sea. Only love and infatuation can give us the strength, will and perseverance.