People are always saying, “from a cradle to the grave nicest are student’s days”. Childhood, a happy and carefree period of our life, which is keep coming back when we are talking funniest events first our children than our grandchildren. Just this causelessness made a children’s happiness clean in what is hiding its wondrous beauty.

DSC00020Like many children, so are we, my husband and I, were growing up in their own midst. Peter into a large family in a small and picturesque Slavonian village Londzica in Croatia while I spent childhood in sunny Split on the Adriatic coast.   That was the time when we were not burdened with television and computer, expressing either the pleasure for games and entertainment and defiance and laziness towards learning and school obligations when also our school holidays represent the best part of education. Then of course, we were not able to think of the future, how we live and how far will our lives take. We both lived in own little world without thinking further than the nose for no longer than tomorrow.

363My great love in life was blue sea that I was caressing by the waves of the birth and all my dreams were linked to ships, seagulls and fish until in my life has not entered Peter.   His arrival in Split on education in Navy School Center has greatly changed his and my life. From our first meeting and to these days gave birth to another great love so we all, blue sea and I have become part of his life.

Enjoying long night walks and play of the moonlight on the surface of the sea has begun to bring forth our life dream to sail around the world with our sailboat with two wheels. This obviously was a time when thinking about our future, ceased to be children and childhood became part of our history.