DSC05314Mallorca, whose development began in the early 20th century, is the largest island in Spain. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean as one of the oldest European destinations, often called “Old lady”. In the capital town, Palma de Mallorca, we sailed at two o’clock after midnight. We cleaned up the boat speed and jumped under the quilt mountain. A few hours later we solved papers to stay and sail the Spanish waters.

Palma de Mallorca blinded us in the morning walk to the Harbor Master with its beauty and aroused in us a tremendous curiosity to look into her DSC05373soul. The city is fully committed to the people for walking, sightseeing and fun and the cathedral surrounded by medieval walls dominated by them. It is characterized by narrow city streets, squares with numerous century old palaces with rich architecture as well as buildings and churches DSC05443from the renaissance to the baroque. Despite many decades, Palma has managed to retain a youthful exuberance. With great pleasure and mood, we sat in a restaurant to have lunch. While Peter enjoyed a cold beer I ordered Spanish sangria, which was perfectly done good with pizza and heat. Sangria is a mixture of cold wine and various fruits, intended DSC06284mainly fairer sex. It got its name from the Spanish word sangre, which means blood. Type of fruit depends on the area in which the real sangria. In coastal towns used bananas, kiwis and mangoes while the wine is usually black. The early afternoon we had to come back on board as we waited for the service to repair the bow propeller, and we left the tour of the city for another day. We were convinced that it was a failure on the engine, which can be removed from the front cabin but we had no such luck. “Why just when can a complicated”, has become our motto and the DSC05457problem proved to be far more complex. In fact, it was about the bow thruster, which is during the docking on the pier, sucked a piece of floating wood and broke him. The only way to fix it was to draw Meermowe from the sea to dry dock, which we did. We felt like we got a winning combination lottery. Three days it took to set up a new DSC05409unit and the installation of protective bars, so this does not happen again. While the masters do their part of the job, my husband and I have used the situation to raise the level of water line anti-vegetative paint and replace zinc protectors. Carried away with job we did not feel as quick a day goes. For dinner I decided to prepare a steak of tuna with spinach and avocado then we walked along the waterfront enjoying a good mood and unusually warm night.

DSC05372The next day we are dedicated to Palma de Mallorca. Real Club Nautico Marina is located close to the center. It is very well organized and offers a wide range of facilities for enjoyment and recreation. With its location is suitable for sightseeing and enjoying all that he offers.

Cathedral of Santa Maria de Palma, popularly known as La Seu, the vast edifice of DSC05378Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral, which we noticed in the night from the boat as we sailed into the marina. Special lighting gave her a special charm. Its appearance reminded me of the Gothic cathedral in Milan. It was built on the spot where it uses to be the seat of the Arab Mosque and its construction lasted for three centuries. It is located in the old town of DSC05415Palma, between the Royal Palace Almudaina and episcopal palace. When we arrived in front of the Cathedral we felt so small, in view of its size, while providing us look to the Park de la Mar and the Mediterranean Sea. Pictures with religious themes are stored in her museum. Picturesque streets that DSC05426surrounding it are full of passers-by and carriages with horse-drawn. The pedestrian zone in the old town offers a lot of interesting and picturesque shops full of things. My husband did not remain indifferent to store with dried meat and hot peppers, which are as clusters, hung on the ropes. Life in the old city takes a DSC05449place as on the stage. Fifteen minutes we stood in a crowd in the front of the most popular ice cream shop. These lovely, young and playful girl thrilled us with his approach, speed and quality of service. Everything was done as per tray. With a big smile and happiness, with ice cream filled cones, people are slowly parted, each to his DSC05445own.

Each destination, in which we have sailed, has its charms. In some, we enjoyed fantastic food and excellent wines; many of them gave us valuable historical knowledge while we are in front of someone with a impressive architecture, lost our breath. Just in front of such one edifice we stood, my husband and me. Castel Bellver, seven hundred years old, located on a hill three kilometers outside the city of Palma, offering a spectacular view of the city that gave it its name Bellver, meaning “bella vista”, a “nice view”. This Gothic building was once the summer zamak bellvere nocuresidence of the Mallorcan monarchy and later was converted into a prison. The castle is of a round shape and its appearance back to the time of the Dark Ages, kings, nobles and knights who fought for the favor of the princess. Wanting to do something different, Castell, we decided to visit at night because in combination with the full moon truly looks like a place from a fairy tale.

PALACIO-REAL-ALMUDAINA-MALLORCA-LENGUA-DE-SIGNOS-HOTELES-MALLORCAWorks on Meermowe were slowly coming to an end so we had a little more time to visit the Palace of Almudaina. Muslim royal castle in the Gothic style, was built in 903, when the Arabs occupied the island. Was the center of the Kingdom of Mallorca. Because of its centuries-reconstruction, it presents the architecture of different periods. It is surrounded by high, walls and towers of which the most striking is tower Angel, known by the angel Gabriel, and it served as a watchtower.

DSC05433Palma de Mallorca is certainly more than wine sangria, fiestas, bullfights and “ole” exclamation. This is a city rich in history and flavors, a city that once experienced and remembered forever.

DSC05468Dawned a beautiful day. Weather forecast promised good winds and calm seas. Our final destination was Cartagena. Sailing the coast of Ibiza, one of the islands of the archipelago “islands of pine trees”, we enjoyed the view of the green steep hills and scattered square houses along its coast. During the night we got the wind, spread the sails and continued heading towards the Costa Blanca, or White Coast. Early evening we DSC05521sailed in Alicante, one of its destinations. Marina Club Nautico is located in the city center. We tied to the pier near the old majestic pirate sailing ship converted into a tourist attraction. That same evening we walked along the promenade lined with palm trees in search of a supermarket, when we next DSC05550morning, over coffee, enjoy watching the wedding ceremony of two young people. At that moment we started to unravel film of our wedding and take out of mothballs all those funny mishaps that we’ve been through from the preparation to the victorious “YES”. The story is long and funny, a real delicious and I’ll be happy DSC05532to tell you some other time.  Alicante is a beautiful and very clean coastal city. The people are very friendly, polite and hospitable. The city is rich in historical attractions, sandy beaches and numerous parks. Short time of our stay in this beautiful city we used to rest and relax after DSC05549which we continued our trip to Cartagena.

The interest of this part of the Spanish coast arouses the diversity and size of the cities. The long chain of beaches and densely developed and grouped cities located at the foot of high mountains, they stretch along the entire coastline.  Skyscrapers and houses are mostly white.DSC05731 Night had already descended as we sailed between the coastal resort of Santa Pola, famous for its Natural Park of Salt and the Island of Tabarca, which is the smallest inhabited island of the Spanish. With favorable wind we sailed down the coast going down to the Cape of Cabo de Palosa. Slowly we were approaching to Cartagena. DSC05631In Yacht Port We sailed around eleven in the morning. After routine cleaning and washing the boat we decided to spend the day on board.

Cartagena is located in a bay Costa Calida which means’ warm coast “and represents one of the largest commercial Port of Spain. The old town lies on five hills, which is why in ancient times it was considered as “Little Rome”. The city is interesting in their own way and full of museums, churches and archaeological monuments of which DSC05725we are, the next morning visited the Roman Theater, built in the 1st century BC, which is located in the pedestrian zone of Calle Mayor and which is second largest on the Iberian Peninsula. The first tower, built to defend the city and the port, the remains of the Punic Wall they can be seen in the museum a few steps from the main bus station. art_deco cartagenaAlong Calle Mayor we admired the beauty of Art Deco buildings and facades, which date from the 19th and 20th centuries, when in Cartagena started first development of trade and mining. Cartagena is proud of its ancient past. Teatro Romano today is used to maintain a single annual festival “The Romans and rimljani i kartazani u predstaviCarthaginians.” The show includes more than four thousand inhabitants of this city. The games revive the heroic events of the Second Punic War, which creates a magical atmosphere in the cozy place of Cartagena.

Los Nietos, once a small fishing village with its own DSC05705marina on Mar Menor has developed into a tourist resort chain holiday home, at the same time used for business, especially in the summer period. Los Nietos is located about 35 km away from Cartagena. We got there by train with two small coupes. Never in our life have not rode the train less than this. Departures on the line Cartagena – DSC05702Nietos and vice versa are every 30 and in the afternoon 45 minutes. Our visit to this beautiful and very interesting place was out of season so everything was deserted and quiet. Houses closed, streets without life. During the walk along the beach and later a central street of the village, we met almost two persons. From animals we DSC05704saw only one cockroach in a small cafe, which Peter wanted to take picture but he escaped under the bar.  The day was windy which caused muddy sea of the coastal belt. No matter what, we enjoyed this unusual silence in sun bathed Los Nietos. During the summer months the place is flooded with tourists, which it certainly gives him a special sparkle and glamor. On the boat we came back late in the afternoon. With dinner we studied the map and planned our journey for next day to Gibraltar.

Set off from the marina we’ve spread the sails as the albatross wings. The satisfaction that provided us crosswind, it was irreplaceable. Just take some time, was the only thought that we hang out at the head. Wind, who that afternoon turned direction and blew right in the bow, raising waves, took us back activities because, as people say “everything that is nice is short duration”. DSC05284Resisted their choppy and gusts, shortness we moved and progressed slowly, although we drove sail and motor. Sailing toward the lighthouse De Gata, we were entering all over, in the area of highly variable weather conditions, so we changed course and underline under shore to protect ourselves from the wind and strong waves coming from the southwest. We passed the Cape during the night. Shortly afterwards the wind and the sea began to settle down until complete calm. An ideal opportunity for fishing, isn’t it, we agreed. In the morning I was awoke by Peter’s cry and fuss. I knew immediately that something was hooked on his “ideal DSC05982bait” to which he is especially proud. I immediately joined him and excitedly watched draws fish with effort. Wide open eyes I stared at the sea, waiting to see snapper, tuna or even shark. When nylon came near the end, we noticed two large golden fish with black dots. I tried to catch them in the fishing net, but they were too big. When we raised them on the first stair in the stern, one of them was unhooked and went into the sea while we managed to keep the second. It was a golden mackerel weighing about 4.5 kg. Happiness and joy knew no bounds. That enjoyment, we cannot describe. Our beautiful guest, back-flipping and thrashing, bloodied our entire cockpit, as that was the pig slaughtering. The fish was immediately cleaned, cut into fillets, put in the freezer and all the way to the next marina we have not stopped talking about it. DSC05715In the Bay of Gibraltar, stayed on Spanish territory, into the city of Alcadeisa (La Linea) we sailed about one o’clock in the afternoon.