The journey to Corfu was a lot of excitement. It was not only the first trip longer DSC04433than one day but also our first romance under the starry sky. Sailing under the cover of night and shifting the duties during the trip was the one new and unforgettable experience that will stay with us until the end of our life’s adventures. As we sailed the wind under full sail, Meermowe liked to be played with the waves DSC04497switching from one to another until they are full of defiance powerfully struck in the bow and splashed us from all sides. The land was not there, wherever we turned, our view is terminated on the horizon. We had plenty of time to socialize. While Dino and Pipo particularly enjoy reading crime novel, I loved their comments. They could not agree whether criminals should be killed now or postpone it for later.


In the afternoon the wind died down and the sea calmed. We started the engine and moved on. For dinner we enjoyed a delicious stew with meat and vegetables, which I prepared the day before departure. The night was quiet and peaceful, moonlight reflected on the sea surface like small sparkling pearls. We sat at the helm until the smell of

DSC04498coffee spread cockpit. Happy and in love, Meermowe wore us slowly further and further. We wished that never dawns. All that could be heard in the middle of the night was well known music of the boat engine that woke us up from the dream.

When I think of Greece before my eyes I see pictures of the Parthenon in Athens, the magnificent Meteors, romantic Santorini, beautiful beaches and a few thousand years old cultural heritage. Greece is a very beautiful country, the cradle of civilization and a place where the laws of mythology ruled over millions of years. Whichever party you enter in Greece, you will come across the greeks favorite word “filoxenia”, which means hospitality.

Corfu_mapIsland of Corfu or Kerkyra, is the oldest Greek island in the Ionian Sea that is separated from Albania wide strait just 3 km. According to Greek mythology, the island was named after the daughter of the river god Asopa, nymph Kerkira, abducted by Poseidon. Because of its lush vegetation, this island the Greeks also call the “Green Island”.

DSC04524It was eleven o’clock in the morning, when we arrived in Corfu, the main customs port. Procedures around registration ended relatively quickly, after which we sailed in Gouvia, where we booked a berth two days before. Marina was full of sailboats and catamarans. DSC04690We were forced to tied at the private berth since only two places, which is the marina has had available, have not been comply with the size of our boat. We were tired and sleepy, so we decided to stay the rest of the day on board.

The next morning, while my husband was still DSC04534asleep, I used to meet Marina.  Among the wide range of facilities that we had available, swimming pool was the most interesting for me, which made me happy. Among the wide range of facilities that we had available, the swimming pool was the most interesting for me, which made me happy. Wasting no time, I went to the boat and grabbed a swimsuit. During this time Peter was already up. After breakfast we got ready to go to town. DSC04654At about ten minutes walk from our dock, on the main road, we caught the bus to Corfu. The day was sunny and very hot. The bus was full as the pomegranate what the ride seemed intolerable. Forty-five minutes it took to get to the centre.

Corfu is the capital of the homonymous island. It was built on a promontory and DSC04607has a unique architecture that is reflected in the elegant buildings, beautiful villas, nice palaces and squares with lots of trees and flowers, which gives it a unique charm, elegance, character and atmosphere.   In the city dominates two fortresses, which characterize him as “Kastropolis”, “City Fortress”.

DSC04551A typical urban atmosphere greeted us at the exit of the bus. Soon we merged with the river of passers and headed down the street. All around us were the restaurants, taverns and cafes. With great pleasure we are in one of them ordered a chicken salad with an excellent taste. The kindness of these wonderful people has been known DSC04545

since ancient times, while is the island of Corfu, after Odysseus journey, was a border line between the known and the unknown world of the Adriatic Sea.   There are also shops with clothes, jewelry and souvenir shops and is hard to imagine to come and not to buy.

DSC04560After lunch, we headed down the road to a new fortress, erected in the late sixteenth century. It is located across from the island of Vido, close to the port. We went through one of the remaining two gates in the impressive Venetian fortress with dungeons, basements and walls. The fortress is now used as an exhibition space and organizing cultural events.

DSC04583Old and New Fortresses connects a combination of wide and narrow streets full of people. In this part of town it is possible to find and buy everything “from a needle to a locomotive”. Passing by, we came across the Fish Spa shop. It is suitable for tired skin and improves circulation. Gara Rufa fish are known worldwide. They are long 5-10 cm, belonging to the DSC04558family of carp, and silvery gray are the colors. They have no teeth and have a very strange feature, they feed with surface layer of human skin and thereby emit ditranol enzyme that contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin and relieves symptoms of patients with psoriasis. They live in thermal waters where the water temperature is 28-38 * C. The fish are harmless, and the entire procedure, which is DSC04602carried in tanks, hygiene is completely safe for humans. Fish-doctor was greatly attracted to Peter’s attention and aroused his curiosity, so he decided to enter the shop and try. The entire treatment takes ten minutes, although it is possible to stay longer.  My husband stayed twenty minutes. At first confused and in the end happy and satisfied with a big smile he left the shop. I wonder, that he stayed only ten minutes longer, maybe fish could also affect and his rejuvenation!

DSC04623Not long then, we were standing in front of the most impressive building of its kind in Europe, the Old Fortress. As we have learned, its construction began 986 years, during the Byzantine Empire. In addition to protection from the enemy, and was used as a quarantine of infectious diseases. In the fortress we entered a DSC04632drawbridge that crosses the canal, which separates fortress from the square. Inside the fortress there is the Anglican Church of St. George, in one of the rooms, today is the Music Academy of the Ionian University. Beside it is the city Royal marina. The old fortress is one of the most scenic parts of Corfu town with which we have enjoyed in DSC04615the fascinating views of the beautiful old town, the harbor, the bay and the island of Vido. Corfu Town has many more interesting monuments that decorate it and talk about its history but it is DSC04612impossible to see everything in one day. It was seven o’clock in the evening when we arrived at DSC04656the marina at the pier. Surprises never enough, we forgot to insure the footbridge, which was lay off from the ship and disappeared from the dock. Looking around, we saw it floating in the middle of channel of the marina. The day I finished in style, I jumped into the sea, swim under the pier and led it to the ship. While we were laughing out loud our neighbors came to see what was happening. We were tired, and after dinner we went to bed.

Visiting the Island Vido, which is located only a KOSTURNICAkilometre away from the port of Corfu, was our next step. On the island is located a mausoleum ossuary Serbian soldiers from the First World War, who were pulling over Albania and Montenegro to Corfu, the “island of hope”, which is known as the “Albanian Golgotha”.  Infected of typhus, many were treated on the nearby island Lazareto but the most affected were transferred on, at that time uninhabited island Vido. plava grobnicaDeceased Serbian soldiers are buried in the Blue Tomb in the depths of the Ionian Sea. We were deeply impressed by the sad story of the fate of a large number of Serbian fighters. Walking and talking about all this we boarded the next DSC04662boat that took us back to a cheerful and joyful reality.

Intrigued by beautiful stories of a small seaside town on the Coast of Ion Sea, next day we arrived in Syvota that was on the way to Sicily. It is on for a full three to four hours far, depending on the wind strength. It is situated in a beautiful little bay, where we anchored. We were very comfortable in this old DSC04669fishing village and we are in the period of our stay every day came by dinghy to the shore to DSC04677get a coffee in a cafe or tavern and for a walk along the waterfront that surrounds the harbor and yacht marina. We both enjoy the maximum rest and swim in this little paradise of beautiful secluded beaches of the archipelago.

Most of us attracted Pisina with the smallest white sand, which is located opposite of Syvota. Leaving Syvota we sailed once more in the customs port of Corfu to unsubscribe from Greece and sailed to Italy.