Leaving Long Island over Murter, Sibeik and Rogoznica, we are all closer to our town. Split, on whose behalf, Peter and I carved our past and love, a city that we were firmly tied to the sea, waves and seagulls. Long time ago there was born the idea of traveling around the world on our boat with two wheels.

jezeraOur enjoyment in sailing continued. Meermowe again sailed under full sail and carried by the wind we sailed in Marina Jezera on the Island of Murter. Dense and dark clouds have been hinting at a storm. Since VHF radio was not working as well as our cell phone, because it was empty, with no credit, we were forced to interact with the marina via e-mail. Immediately, after binding to the pier, we decided to walk into the city, regardless of rain, which is just descended on the town. With a few small items and cards for phone, frozen we returned to the ship. That night we slept with particular pleasure listening to the rain drops hitting the deck.

Bruxelles, 18.08.2014. - Europska unija u ponedjeljak je ukinula jednogodišnju zabranu uvoza skuša i haringa s Farskih otoka, èime je završen jednogodišnji spor oko pretjeranog izlova tih riba na sjevernom Atlantiku. Arhivska fotografija od 12.9.2013. godine prikazuje ulov ribe. foto FaH/ mm

City of Jezera is the smallest town on Murter, island of the Sibenik archipelago, which is connected across the bridge to the mainland.

As fishing village on the waterfront Jezera offers freshly caught fish, crustaceans and molluscs, and enjoyment of the seafood specialties. It is believed that the first settlers arrived in the 13th century and of the important historical monuments can be emphasized the Church of Our Lady of Health.

In the morning, under similar weather conditions as the previous day, we sailed towards Sibenik. Splashing of waves calmed down just before entering the channel of St. Ante. Sailing in Marina Mandalina is very interesting and fun. At the entrance of the channel, on the Island of Ljuljevac, provides the old maritime Fortress of St. Nikola, built in the 16th century. At that time, the tower represented the main entrance to the protection of Sibenik port.

DSC02965 Until recently, due to the tightness of St. Ante Channel, through which it could not, at the same time, to sail by two merchant ships, regulate maritime traffic with the fortress of St. Ana and St. Nikola in a way that Nikola lifted two black balls as a sign of free entry to the port, and while Ana down red cone which barred them from Sibenik port and vice versa. In maritime jargon often could be heard as there is no entrance to the port while Nikola never “raise balls” but Ana does not “down panties.”

DSC02994We lived in Sibenik and we very well know this city, but I never had the chance to experience it and seeing it from the sea. I believe that no man, who the first time pass the channel of St. Ante, not to remain impressed by seldom seen natural beauties of this passage. Sibenik is known as for its old town center, the traditional Children’s World Festival and by the beauty of the National Park Krka, located in its hinterland.

festival djeteta sibenikIn the marina we sailed around eleven o’clock. After lunch we popped down to marina shop to buy a new VHF radio station and replace the old one. With few checks and testing certainly promised a smooth operation. Happy and satisfied, we continued to spend the rest of our day. We met with several people in the neighborhood, who

DSC03024have stayed on their boats along the same pier as we do. Once again proved what a small world. Right across from us, was anchored by John and his wife, from Brisbane, whose worldwide journey will last, certainly 10 years, and several ships below there were Andrew’s ship from Sydney. It was great to meet them and to chat, among other things, about their marine experiences.

DSC02992When my husband starts hanging around the kitchen in my immediate vicinity, it is clear as day that it was time to eat. So I planned a dinner of grilled squid, chard and lettuce, as Peter had no complaints. With a glass of Istrian Malvasia we enjoyed planning our obligations the next morning and eventually get underway.

My day usually starts at 5 am. While my husband is in a gentle sweet dream, I’m already at 5.30 jump into the sea and swim or run a mile or two, depending on whether we are in a bay or marina.

toaletOur next morning in Sibenik started with the problem of the toilet pump and there was no similar to the previous. The pump was out of order. Obviously, it was that we, like James Bond, get a new case to solve.

In addition to all activities of vital importance, which we done on the boat, we did not assumed that the toilet would it inflict so much headache.

For the life on board is really not necessary philosophy, need love, the ultimate mood, patience, understanding and a lot of nerves, which are us full pockets.

We unsuccessfully tried to solve existing problem and because of the impossibility of procurement of spare parts for repair, we decided to work out in Split.

We used the time to go to old and still nice places that have wonderful memories to our life in Sibenik.

DSC02997Arms full of fruits and vegetables from the market, we returned to the ship. The next day we were on course for Rogoznica not knowing what problems we will encounter there.

On the way we followed the strong wind. We enjoyed the sailing. Carrying us on his hips, Meermowe showed its security and stability. We sailed into the Bay of Turdaca in the early evening, where we docked. Rogoznica is a small fishing village in the centre of Dalmatia.

DSC03027Centre of the old town is located on the island and is connected by bridge to the mainland. One of the most popular attractions on the peninsula is Lake Gradina.

zmajevo oko rogoznicaDue to the weather conditions that night we could not be relaxed and go to sleep. Storm, which was developed during the night, causing a loosening anchors and we started to slide towards the coast. We jumped out of bed, it was dark, cold and rainy. Peter started the engine and I immediately began to raise the anchor to ship out of trouble and move to the second position. After that we decided to stay in shifts following the weather situation and the behavior of the ship until the morning hours. Since the wind and the sea calmed down we started to raise the anchor in order to sail from Rogoznica to Split. When the anchor has been close to the surface, the windlass has skidded and anchors with 6o m anchor chain uncontrollably and rapidly landed in the sea. All attempts to stop the winch and lifted the chain with an anchor on the ship were futile.

Since we were helpless and certainly anchored, we decided to first sit down and have a coffee in order to consider what to do. We tried to contact the rescue services at sea by radio and by telephone but it was useless because it was the holiday long weekend and nobody worked. Taking into account all of the options we were faced with the dilemma of whether to unhook the chain from the boat and throw it into the sea.

At that moment we saw the big fishing boats that were, sailing into the port, coming back from a night of fishing. My husband went with dinghy up to them and asked for help, because they have large winches for drag their nets.

DSC03108The fact that it was a completely new winch, built in Pula, the entire event was incredible. After some time Peter is back with the four young man one of who was a professional diver. The situation has become a dynamic, full of excitement and anticipation, especially because they came with a small boat instead of fishing boat that was to be expected.

DSC03088Due to the high noise, Dino and Pipo were delirious cover pillows and blankets. Dino was more courageous and quietly looked out onto the deck. “Oops, gulp … hey Pippo, come to see, a new problem has just landed on the bottom of the sea. It’s exciting as the Muppet Show. King Kong would be a better solution than a small piccolo boat.  Pipo, maybe I need to get involved “.

Indeed, everything seemed like a film. Marko, Joseph, Milan and Dario were extremely good and true professionals knowing what to do.

DSC03115Josip took a rope and dived to 15 m depth to tie up the chain, while are Marko, Milan and Dario dragged the rope hands pulled the chain out. On several occasions, chain and anchor were extracted on board.


Finally, from conversations with them we learned that very often, during the year, they help people in similar situations. We left Rogoznica with another problem more, whose solution we need to also look in Split.

My husband and I have many years of life experience and we have long understood it all that life is not made up only of our plans about happiness but of what opposes those plans and intentions, what is happening by chance, what is unpredictable, what all we call only “bad luck” rather than disappointment and pain. That’s why we’re happy and persevering in our intentions and we remain on our way to the end no matter how hard we were.

DSC03066Our next destination is the City o Split.