DSC02510Long awaited meeting with Meermowe was full of excitement. Indescribable joy and happiness that we have met in order to find as soon as possible on its deck.  When we saw our boat, it seemed, at first glance, the way we left it two years ago when we bought it. We entered the lower deck to remove the headsail, which, because of its size and weight, and it was no easy job. View I looked around for someone to help us but it was all in vain. An old proverb says, “the mind flourishes and power rolls the logs”. And so, while I strained my cerebellum in the solution of this problem, my husband had already pulled the sail on deck. With joint forces we put it in the forward shrouds and proudly watched rides up in the wind.

A systematic search of the ship, we have concluded that the problems jump out in front of us like rabbits out of a hat. The time was limited and the list of jobs was growing longer. As Peter and I love the efficiency and expediency, we immediately made a plan and wasted no time in busy at work. For starters we got working clothes, some basic materials and tools.

Windlass was the first work that we wanted to do. It is very important on board and without it is quite inconceivable conduct, pining and turning down the anchor chain and pull the anchor winch. I believe that each of you who follow us, at least once happened to you a little thing jade big headache. It just happened to us. The whole system inside was blocked and broken as unconditionally required exchange for a new one.

DSC02326As my husband understands many jobs, he decided to take the matter into his own hands. It all seemed so simple and easy, unscrews several bolts, removes the winch from the tray and replaced by a new, just to fill time over coffee. It was really a pleasure to watch his enthusiasm that he approached the job. Time passed and the ideas and plans to remove the winch have replaced very quickly.


Obviously the machine was a tough nut until our aid did not come Igor and Velibor, specialists in repair and installation of anchor winches from Marina Veruda.



Installation of the radar and radar antenna is demanding and complex work on the ship.

DSC02335Rare are those who do their job by looking at the world from above and landed on the cross mast like an albatross as the daily work of Toni and Zoran, Raymarine experts to set up and instalation of radar and radio systems on board.

DSC02373It was impressive to watch the way in which it works, lifting the level up to the highest point of the mast when asked HF antenna.DSC02387

Less impressive and painful was when Zoran at the end of the work, unfortunately, dropped the rope through the spinnaker pole and therefore had to climb back to the top. All that is, that moment passed through the wind and came to our ears was painful sigh, “Oh noooo…..”.

Jobs that took place on board sought patience and time. In the meantime, I was working on deck. For starters I got physically and very thankless job, “little of the deck”.

IMG_0372Only now I realized how hard it is to be a sailor on the big ships because every day they have to do the same job I was doing and who I’m going to do the whole journey, “scrubbing the deck”. At first it was difficult because I had to kneel down on my knees but I soon solved the problem, I turned on the radio and everything went to the music for the dance.


Bonding rubber on the wooden deck of teak oil lubrication and there was a lot more interesting and fun. The only problem was the heat at which I was working but it was better and happier with my sombrero. During this time Peter was hired about buying new parts and materials for service and had to frequently go to Pula. Frankly I did not envy him, I was aware that driving a car by oppressive heat and the crowds on the road still harder than working on deck.

The most important and most demanding job on the boat was making and setting up steel structure at the stern. It is a carrier, which in itself should carry a solar panel as the main installation of the power supply, windmill, boat horn, the antenna for radio communication, automating information system and television. It took three weeks to complete the job.

DSC02451That’s what my husband most concerned about, whether we have enough time for the installation of such structures. To our great fortune we met Dalibor and his team, which has demonstrated a remarkable willingness and commitment to this business with high quality work.

DSC02459After its completion joined us Doriano with his team as skilled professionals to install solar panels and a windmill with a very demanding job threading cables through the ship to the battery.

As time passed jobs were nearing the end and Meermowe every day was closer to immersion in the sea. Our actuating wheel is constantly turning and acceleration received as a windmill in the wind. It seemed that our desire for sailing should never extinguish. Machine slowly counted the hours and minutes. There was still a little time that we had booked for the vaccination, which we have received for areas with high levels found diseases of hepatitis A, yellow fever, typhoid and two doses of tetanus.


Beautiful medical staff of the Health Centre for Immunology in Pula, in front of which my husband showed weakness and resentment, it was really gentle, especially to Peter.

At the end of May we had the first visit. The sister of my husband, Danica came to spend week with us and see us off before boarding.


It was great to hang out with her on our board. It is very simple and very valuable person and quickly fit in the ship’s life.

Her dedication and hard work has helped to bring the end of the last jobs and their host experience gave me great practical tips and ideas.

DSC02488Despite feeling that we have been given a short time we found the tour of the city, night stroll on the Sandy Beach, walking in the hills and enjoy the view of the beautiful bay of Marina Veruda. We have also allocated two days to test sail to the Lim Channel where we drop anchor and spend the night. For Danica, life on board and its upgrading and immersion in the sea a real impression and a new experience which she will remember for a lifetime.

DSC02530After Danica’s departure we were at the gates to achieve the dream of twenty years. One more day, just one more night as we shared of departure. Our last review of the past, the life and the rationality of our decision to purchase the ship and life wish to circumnavigate the globe. Last walk on the Sandy Beach. With the sound of the sea changed the images and thoughts and streamed into one common flow driven compass love of the sea and no matter how justified we must recognize that the world is a scary place but we have our boat with two wheels.


At the end of this post we would like to thank all participants of this project to the hard work and dedication and great work done in preparing our boat for Meermowe’s Great Adventure.

We also thank our children, Pedja and Igor and their partners, Marika and Melanie in Australia as well as the entire family, all friends and all of you who follow us, for the great and opening support.

Special thanks Dusanka Tomic Luk for extraordinary and selfless assistance that she provided during the entire stay in Pula.

Peter & Jasmine